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What to do if you have COVID? What measures to take and how to report the results

by Julio Santos January 18, 2022

Now that the pandemic has been around for two years, people have gotten used to taking precautions. Social distancing is the norm, sanitization standards have increased, and wearing masks is acceptable and even expected in some situations. Although you’re doing your best to stay healthy and keep COVID-19 at bay, it’s wise to stock test kits at home just in case you have symptoms or need to know if you’re asymptomatic.

However, with all of the preventive measures you’re taking, you could still get coronavirus, which may leave you wondering what to do after testing positive for COVID. Do you report your results? If so, how and who to report the results to? There are a lot of questions surrounding the first steps after testing positive for COVID-19, and here’s what to do if you have COVID.

Stay calm and regroup

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The likelihood that a person will recover from COVID-19 is very high. An estimated 97% - 99.75% of people come away from the virus unscathed. Although a positive test result may seem scary, the answer to what to do after testing positive for COVID is first to stay calm. Breathe, regroup, and focus on keeping healthy and protecting those around you. 

Take precautions to protect others

If you’re infected, it’s essential to protect others in your life, such as your family, friends, and coworkers. Work from home, isolate yourself away from others in your household and refrain from going out. If you absolutely have to venture out, take standard precautions, such as sanitizing, wearing a mask, and social distancing.

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You must do your best to keep others safe. Also, alert anyone that was in close contact with you within two days before testing positive. For example, this list would include family, friends, and coworkers. Additionally, think through any other appointments you may have had, such as with your hairdresser, and let them know.

Focus on getting well

While many areas of Canada are lessening their isolation times, many experts still think that a 10-day quarantine is a good idea for Canadians. So, while you are isolating, concentrate on getting back to health. Eat well, drink plenty of fluids (especially water), and use the time to reset your mind by journaling your intentions or writing down a few to-dos.

Also, take the time to relax and read or binge-watch a show as you’ll need something to occupy your mind as you stay at home. If you feel unwell or get sicker, you need to alert your doctor. In severe cases, you may need to head to emergency services if you feel confused, are lightheaded, have chest pain or experience trouble breathing. 

Report your results

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Knowing how and who to report the results to is essential. First, you need to complete the online form. It’s not a requirement, but it helps with Canada’s documentation of the virus. You can also fill it out on behalf of a child or older adult if you need to do so. Filling out the survey is private, but public health may contact you if they have questions about your symptoms or infection.

To know whether or not you have COVID-19, keep our test kits on hand. MyZone’s Rapid Antigen Tests are approved by Health Canada and are incredibly accurate. Testing at home is safe and reliable and allows you to be sure about whether or not you’re infected, so you know what steps to take next and what to do if you have COVID.
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