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Rapid Testing in Vancouver: the Benefits of MyZone Health

As we continue to progress through the pandemic, more and more folks are easing their minds by getting tested regularly. Some want to know whether or not they are unknowingly carrying the virus so that they can quarantine and keep friends, family, and coworkers safe. Others are experiencing symptoms and want to know how to proceed. Unfortunately, no matter your reasons for wanting to get a rapid COVID test, they are becoming increasingly hard to find, and here’s how to get accurate, affordable rapid testing in Vancouver. 

PCR vs. Rapid Testing in Vancouver

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You have a few options if you’re considering getting a COVID-19 test. The first is to have a PCR test at a doctor’s office or pharmacy. The downside to having a PCR test is that the results aren’t available for several days after testing, and if you are traveling or experiencing symptoms, you may not be able to wait. This waiting period is why getting a rapid antigen test in Vancouver is a better choice. 

Again, you could consult with your doctor or pharmacist to get rapid testing in Vancouver, but this means you have to leave your house, potentially putting yourself and others at risk. Plus, although results come quickly, they aren’t always immediate. So instead, use a test kit from MyZone Health to test easily, safely, and accurately at home. 

Benefits of Using Rapid Antigen Tests from MyZone

MyZone Health provides Boson rapid antigen tests, which are easy to administer to yourself or others. Use the nasal swab to collect a sample, follow the instructions on the test kit, and read the results in 15-20 minutes. Taking the test and finding out your results is quick and straightforward. Our tests also have a high accuracy rate of 97.48% so that you can have confidence that you are getting correct results. 

Beyond accuracy and ease of use, rapid antigen tests in Vancouver from MyZone Health are very affordable. Our test kits come in packs of 20 and are less than $10 each. Plus, UPS Standard Shipping is free, and we are offering fast shipping on Vancouver rapid COVID test orders. To save you even more, use the code MZ5 to save an additional 5%. Having plenty of COVID-19 test kits at home means that you can use them any time you want in a safe, private environment. Getting rapid testing in Vancouver is simple when you order from MyZone Health.