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Where to Buy Rapid COVID Tests in Ontario

COVID has had a strong presence for two years, and getting tested has become commonplace. Whether you need to self-diagnose for travelling, before seeing an immunocompromised friend or relative, or to have peace of mind, it’s no secret that rapid tests are scarce. However, the demand and need to test are high, so you may be wondering where to buy rapid COVID tests in Ontario. We’ve got the answer (and tests) so that you can be in the know as far as your health is concerned.

Why Get Tested in Ontario for COVID-19?

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With new variants popping up every so often — think Delta and Omicron — you never know what is on the horizon. Plus, it’s vital to see if you have Covid or simply the common cold if you have symptoms. Using a rapid antigen test in Ontario can help you keep informed about your health to know how to proceed and keep yourself and others safe.

How to Book a COVID Test in Ontario

There are several COVID-19 testing locations in Ontario where you can make an appointment and get tested. However, if you feel that you have Coronavirus, heading to a testing location could put you and others at risk. The best way to take a rapid antigen test in Ontario is to do so in the privacy of your own home.

By ordering tests from MyZone Health, you can test yourself as often as you want with highly accurate results. You can evaluate yourself daily, twice a week, or as needed by storing tests in your home. Our rapid antigen test kits are also convenient in the workplace if you or your employees need to be evaluated immediately and privately. 

The Best Way to Purchase Rapid COVID Tests in Ontario

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If you have been curious about where to buy rapid COVID tests in Ontario, the best place is MyZone Health. Not only are our test kits affordable at just $10 each, but they come in kits of 20 so that you can have plenty on hand at all times. Our tests are also 97.48% accurate, so you can use them with confidence. Health Canada also authorizes MyZone Health Boson rapid test kits. 

Our tests are also simple to administer to test yourself or someone else quickly. Just use the nasal swab according to the instructions, wait 15-20 minutes, and read your test results. Peace of mind was never so quick and easy! So, if you need inexpensive, accurate, easy-to-take COVID tests in Ontario, place your order with confidence.