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Where to get a rapid COVID test in Edmonton

In addition to masks, no single tool has been more effective at helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus than rapid antigen tests. As businesses, schools and public places have opened, rapid COVID tests in Edmonton is ever more important. By knowing your COVID status, you can act responsibly to prevent further spreading of the virus. 

But even when you want to act responsibly as the head of a family or a business, it’s not always easy or even possible. Rapid test shortages and delays in deliveries as well as sky-high prices for tests have made it difficult to stay safe and protect the health of families and communities. That’s why MyZone Health has made it a priority to act in the interest of public health by offering fast same-day or next-morning delivery of their COVID rapid tests throughout Canada’s major cities. That means that business owners and inhabitants of Edmonton can order COVID rapid tests and get them in 24 hours or less.

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Fast shipping and easy access to tests at affordable prices is MyZone’s prime concern. At just $79.99 for a box of 20 tests (that’s less than $3.99 per test!) their Boson rapid antigen tests give results in less than 20 minutes. Approved by Health Canada, these tests have an impressive 97.48 % accuracy rate so you can trust their results. 

Knowing your COVID status is important to stop the virus from spreading further and allow you to take the proper precautions and care for your health and that of your community. Eliminating waiting and complications, MyZone offers tests that are accurate, affordable, and easy to take. The tests come with a simple set of instructions that anyone can follow, so you can take a COVID rapid test in the comfort of your home.

When you want to make sure of your status, the only way is through a test. MyZone’s Boson rapid antigen tests help you be responsible and put safety and health first.