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How much does a COVID-19 test cost in BC

COVID-19 must be detected early and accurately in order for health authorities to track and restrict the virus' spread. Since the beginning of the pandemic, molecular PCR tests have been used in labs all over the world to detect the virus that causes COVID-19. While the results are very accurate, it can take several days for the result to be ready.

On the other hand, rapid diagnostic tests are both less expensive and quicker, with results available in 15 to 30 minutes. However, the price varies depending on the region and province, the manufacturer of the test kit, the technology, and the number of tests in each kit. It could also cost more if you are running the test in a lab than when you are self-testing.

So really, how much does a COVID-19 test cost in BC as of now?

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Although the cost of molecular tests like PCR testing has decreased slightly in the Metro Vancouver region, it still costs at least $75 for a rapid COVID antigen test. A rapid COVID antigen test costs $39 at Acculab and may be ordered by British Columbia residents ahead of time.

This is one of the most cost-effective options for locals, as most firms demand customers to purchase numerous kits, which may cost upwards of $79. The lowest local antigen testing costs roughly $75 for those who can't wait. While this is less expensive than a PCR travel test, it is more expensive than what people in Alberta and Ontario may get to pay (about $30 to $40).

Since the December holidays, there has been a surge in demand for rapid antigen tests, which is overwhelming the supply. Many people even sold the kit they got for free at high rates. Health officials in BC have also said there is nothing much they can do to control the prices of the test kits on the private market. However, you can still find trustworthy rapid antigen tests in Vancouver to keep you and your family safe.

MyZone Health has the Boson rapid antigen test kit, one of the most pocket-friendly options with prices starting at $3.99 for a test. Twenty tests are included on each kit for about $105 ($5.25 per test). For mass screening and workplace testing, you can contact MyHealth Zone for a custom quote for wholesale purchases of more than 100 boxes/2,000 tests.

MyZone has been operating in Canada since 2002, with headquarters in Vancouver, BC, and partners with Boson Canada. Orders get delivered at record time to ensure the test can be done as soon as possible. New orders are dispatched the next business day from Vancouver through UPS Canada. You can even get it delivered for free using UPS Standard shipping.