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Stay safe and learn how to celebrate Christmas during COVID

by Julio Santos December 17, 2021

It has been nearly two years since the first reported case of COVID-19 happened in Wuhan, China. Yet, we still appear to be far from regaining our normalcy. We’ve now reached the time of the year when people want to stay safe and are eager to see how to celebrate Christmas during COVID.

santa wearing a face mask

Despite positive developments in medicine, such as the COVID vaccines and the rapid tests, the world is still yet to take this bull by the horn. The efforts have to be applied by all of us and going in the same direction. Keep reading and learn the best ways to celebrate with your loved ones in the safest possible ways.

What preventive measures to take for Christmas

COVID-19 messed up Christmas for most of the world last year. The recent surge in cases and the Omicron variant seem to threaten Christmas again this year. Amidst all the drama, we want to ensure you enjoy the best of Christmas while keeping our present realities in mind by staying safe. 

Use a rapid antigen test

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At-home COVID tests are an excellent way for you to check your status after being exposed. Test yourself with an antigen test kit before and after visiting or hosting for any friends and family. Stay safe and protect your loved ones along the way. 

Leverage the functionality of technology

Technology has played a crucial role in helping people cope with the restrictions the pandemic has brought. Not only do we have new resources, older tools now have more features to make interactions more seamless and practical. While it might not replace physical interactions altogether, technology makes it possible to interact with family and friends on social media, host parties with video calls, and unwrap Christmas presents together. 

Send out gifts

The Christmas season is a time for giving. This Christmas hit the streets with food items and gifts for the elderly, needy, sick, and neighbors. You can have them in small bags and drop them off at their doors, reducing physical as much as possible. A perfectly safe way to celebrate Christmas during COVID.

Get vaccinated

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If you have not, complete your vaccination during this period to protect yourself and your loved ones. While it is true that the vaccine does not offer 100 % protection, it reduces the risk of coming down with the virus and reduces the risk of having symptoms even if you do. Get a booster dose, too, as recommended.

Opt for outdoor events

COVID-19 spreads more within closed doors, as outdoors transmission is very rare. So, if you plan to have family and friends together for Christmas, you should consider a picnic or having a yard event. Avoid the 3Cs closed, crowded, and close-contact environments. Outdoor meetings are safer than those held indoors, especially if the latter are cramped and lack adequate air. The basics to know how to celebrate Christmas during COVID are:

Avoid international travels

Avoid traveling at this time because of the recent wave of COVID-19 and the Omicron variant ravaging various countries. You are at an increased risk of contracting the virus when you travel during the holiday because the airports and other transport systems are crowded. It is safer to stay within Canada.  

Be Santa for children

christmas paraphernalia

Many children celebrate Christmas without gifts every year. You can be Santa for some children by donating to children's foundations, orphanages, or sending wrapped gifts to some children. 

What is a COVID Christmas like

This time around, the goal of Christmas is to enjoy most of the season without endangering friends and family. This would involve adhering to safety guidelines provided by health authorities.  

Also, please keep your hands clean by washing them with soap and hand sanitizer regularly. Using rapid antigen test kits is always a great way to check your condition and keep track of it after each social gathering.

"no mask, no service" poster

Hand washing removes microorganisms, including viruses, that may be present on your hands. Surfaces that we touch all the time, such as doorknobs, taps, and phone screens, should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Hand cleanliness can help you avoid a variety of ailments.

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